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About CKEF

Kyle Elig, beloved father of four and little league coach to many, passed away suddenly in June 2015. As a little league coach of numerous sports, he instilled the values of teamwork, leadership, courage, confidence, and self-worth, not only in each individual child, but in their parents as well. As a father and family member, Kyle constantly provided unwavering faith, unconditional love, and constant support to all those around him. He was a leader by example, constantly putting all others before himself both in his family and his community. 

The Coach Kyle Elig Foundation hopes to continue the positive impact he had on the community by providing funding for youth sporting clinics, donations to cover league fees, scholarships for young athletes, and so much more. In doing so, we plan to preserve Kyle's legacy of love, compassion, and dedication while simultaneously making more available something he was so passionate about: the lessons young athletes gain from sports, such as teamwork, confidence, and a simple love of their game, whatever that may be. 
For information on how to get involved, visit the 'Events' page, or contact us via the contact form or our Facebook page. To make a financial contribution, please visit our donations page by clicking the 'Donate' tab.
Thank you for helping continue Kyle's legacy through his foundation. 
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